About us

Man is the most important part of nature in which he lives. His relationship with nature has a strong impact on health, beauty and happiness. If one treats nature with respect, it offers mankind all its wealth. Protecting nature means protecting humanity.

We as the Pergamo family provide them with the most natural and tasty products of nature. Naturalness, quality, taste and protection of nature are our priority. The Mediterranean region offers mankind an incredible wealth of history, culture and cuisine. The Mediterranean people are known to be long-lasting, to live healthy and always to be able to smile. When it comes to the theme of Mediterranean cuisine, the first things that come to mind are olives, grapes, figs, citrus fruits, vegetables, fish and the rich plant world.

The olive has given man the light of nature for thousands of years. It is one of the most important symbols of ancient civilizations and sacred religions; The olive represents peace, health and beauty. From ancient history to the present day, olive oil is the means for a long and healthy life in the Mediterranean.

It is used as a very important cosmetic product because of the natural ingredients. We as the Pergamo family are proud to share our generations of experience in the extraction of olive oil.

Our goal is to supply them with the best products of nature, which lend health and beauty.

Quality and naturalness is our first priority. All products are inspected for quality by visits of the producers and only then offered to them. All stages from cultivation to processing in the factory are strictly monitored. You can find more detailed information on our blog.

We cover their table with products from cooperatives and farms with international successes and coronations.

“Natural Flavor, Natural Life” is our principle with which we have set off, which we will successfully achieve together.